Whiter Teeth Naturally

Natural+ Teeth Whitening

Our Natural+ teeth whitening system is perfect for sensitive teeth. A whiter smile makes you look younger and healthy, and when you look great, you feel great. Get your whiter smile now, pain free, 100% safe and no heavy metals.

Why use Natural+ Teeth Whitening?

Standard Dental clinic teeth whitening systems such as Polar, Zoom and Lazer whitening can be expensive, painful and dehydrate your teeth, resulting in a false shade of white that will darken as your enamel rehydrates!

Teeth Whitening products bought from Chemists and shops are cheap, but they do not last long. You’re also at high risk of swallowing that gel, damaging your teeth and burning your gums.

Our Natural+ teeth whitening system is affordable, unique, and produces superior long lasting results!

Our system is superior because:

  • It’s non toxic, ecological and biodegradable
  • Neutral PH, not acidic like Polar, Zoom and Lazer tooth whitening systems
  • Contains no heavy metals like standard dental tooth whitening systems
  • Effectively treats all kinds of tooth stains and discolourations including Tetracycline stains and Fluorosis.
  • Contains Calcium to prevent demineralization of your teeth

Advantages of our unique system are:

  • Its neutral Ph levels mean no dehydration and therefore virtually no sensitivity, even on the most sensitive teeth! It has a high concentration of minerals with a desensitising effect including calcium.
  • Our system is a simple, one application procedure of 30-45 minutes with the gel and lamp. The chair time is less than half that of other dental in chair whitening sessions.
  • Higher efficiency. The continuous slow release of radical oxygen ions enables a larger portion of them to penetrate the tooth through the enamel. The tooth is not dehydrated (rather is constantly irrigated) so the oxygen ions, carried by water, penetrate deeper into the dentine.
  • Long-lasting results – No regression of tooth whitening shade due to tooth re-hydration (there is no dehydration to begin with). Teeth maintain transparent and vivid look after the treatment. – Slow release of oxygen ions continues up to 24 hours after treatment ends resulting in further improvement the next day!

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